Hometown Rejection

Hometown Rejection
Epiphany 4; Luke 4:21-30
They drove him out and pushed him to the brink,
so keen were they to shake him from the height
of vision that he claimed, to see him shrink
back to the mundane faith that they deemed right.
He did not think of ways he might placate,
but named the pettiness of their demand
that wanted wonders served them on a plate,
but would not see his right to such command.
His quotes from Scripture further stoked their rage.
he showed the narrowness of local pride:
how prophets worked beyond the self-made cage
of race or clan, for miracles are wide.
They thought the threat of death might win the day;
he passed among them and went on his way.
	Barbara Messner 25/01/2022

2 thoughts on “Hometown Rejection

  1. I would have never thought this story would work so well in sonnet form, but it is tense and tight and demanding the reader decide where to stand in that crowd.


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