What Are You Looking For?

What are you looking for?
Epiphany 2; John 1:29-42
When Jesus saw me following,
he said, “What are you looking for?”
I walked on slowly, pondering,
and tried to reach for meaning’s core.

“You are a chord to which I sing,
a resonance most rich and true.
You give imagination wing,
show colours fresh with morning dew.

You seem to wake the best of me,
the gifts I had not learnt to trust,
a wider, finer way to be,
more caring, understanding, just.

So teacher, let me stay a while
wherever you have found to rest.
He answered me with warmth and smile,
“Yes, come and see and be my guest.”
	Barbara Messner 26/11/2022

3 thoughts on “What Are You Looking For?

  1. Barbara, I mostly don’t take time to tell folks how much I like their stuff, but this poem speaks to me personally and so I thank you for it.


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