Transfiguration (song lyrics)

(Mark 9:2-9)

1. Climbing up there's no time to complain
we are sore but too breathless to speak.
Surely God can be near on the plain!
Tell us, why then seek God on a peak!
As for Jesus, he smiles and moves past,
and we scramble to keep him in range.
Then the view spreads before us at last:
all the world far beyond us and strange.
Refrain: Let us stay, Lord, in the brightness!
     Keep us here, Lord, on the height!
     We would build, Lord, on this rightness!
     Love and prophecy name this sight.

 2. Now see, something has changed in the light;
 in our weariness, vision has stirred:
 there’s a brightness too strange for our sight,
 and half-heard, there’s a resonant word.
 As for Jesus, he smiles and he glows,
 speaking wisdom with those of the past,
 and half-waking, we sense what he knows:
 that God’s glory is here, first and last.

 3. There’s the vision of Moses in cloud
 on the mountain receiving the law,
 and Elijah where silence was loud –
 prophet’s burden to name what he saw.
 As for Jesus, he smiles through his tears
 as the voice says: “My Son, I’m well pleased!”
 though we fall to the ground with our fears,
 now our doubts and confusion are eased.

 4. Then we want to stay there, where it’s clear
 that tradition and vision give hope.
 God says: “Listen to him!” and we hear
 – but it’s gone beyond us and we mope.
 As for Jesus, he turns and descends
 to the clamour of people in need;
 and he faces the cross where it ends –
 and begins again. Now we must lead.

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