Walking in the Ways of God (lyrics)

Walking in the Ways of God (Lyrics of a Song) Epiphany 6; Matthew 5: 21-48 1.When you’re angry, find some space; (walking in the ways of God) breathe and seek a healing place. (talking in the ways of God) Don’t insult or call them names! Leave their tit-for-tatting games! (walking in the ways of God;Continue reading “Walking in the Ways of God (lyrics)”

Girl on the Trampoline

Girl on the Trampoline The girl on the trampoline next door bounced up above the shielding fence that makes good neighbours scarcely known. She bounded up and into sight, yelled, “Hey, old lady!” Who was that? At first, I thought it wasn’t me, but there was no-one else to see. I heard her laugh inContinue reading “Girl on the Trampoline”

What’s a Soul and Who’s a Saint?

“It is impossible to define what soul is. Definition is an intellectual enterprise anyway; the soul prefers to imagine.” Thomas More, Care of the Soul: A Guide to Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life. (HarperPerennial: New York, 1992) xi for All Saints/All Souls Day I don’t think soul answers to “What?” Sometimes I imagineContinue reading “What’s a Soul and Who’s a Saint?”

On Retiring as Associate Priest in an Anglican parish

On Retiring as Associate Priest in an Anglican Parish Time now to fold and put away (well within reach on a central shelf) words I’ve been privileged to say, robes that both stirred and covered self. Tears fall in soft autumnal grief; letting them flow releases me. Tightness unwinds and brings relief; eyes look aroundContinue reading “On Retiring as Associate Priest in an Anglican parish”

Season of Despair or Hope

Season of Despair or Hope Advent 1, Luke 21:25-38 Yes, now there’s distress among nations on earth, and signs in creation that few eyes dare see. There’s fear and foreboding, and pain before birth, but hidden growth waits in each season-bared tree. Apocalypse now or the kingdom come near? The promise of summer or portentContinue reading “Season of Despair or Hope”

Sonnet for St. Francis

Sonnet for St. Francis Though Francis bore the marks of Jesus’ pain, he walked the roads in simple joy and danced. He cast aside the robes of merchant gain, embracing poverty as life enhanced. A fearsome wolf at his request grew tame – for animal and town a happy end. He preached to birds andContinue reading “Sonnet for St. Francis”

Making Space for the God of the Cosmos

Making Space for the God of the Cosmos For the patronal festival at St. Michael and All Angels, Bridgewater SA What does it take to see the stars? Our gaze is settled on the ground. Those minute pinpoints in the night are blazing suns immensely far beyond us, yet our city lights have dimmed them,Continue reading “Making Space for the God of the Cosmos”