Song for New Creating (lyrics)

Song for New Creating (lyrics) Pentecost 23: Isaiah 65:17-25 “I am about to create new heavens and new earth: be glad and rejoice in that creating. The holy city is joy, its people a delight. Rejoice! You can share in this remaking. Let no distress nor the sound of weeping there be heard, for peopleContinue reading “Song for New Creating (lyrics)”

Comparing Zacchaeus and Me

Comparing Zacchaeus and Me Pentecost 21; Luke 19:1-10 I, too, am a small person. I have done my share of collaboration with the invading powers, but I avoid crowds, can’t climb trees, don’t as a rule pursue any visiting guru. So how did I meet Jesus? Seems he was always there, though often I wasn’t.Continue reading “Comparing Zacchaeus and Me”

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Let the Little Children Come to Me Pentecost 20; Luke 18:15-30 The child in me is eager for your touch. When I am digging earth, admiring flowers, composing poems, lifting lips to showers, or cuddling cats, it’s you as well I clutch. The stern disciples order me away: those inner voices urging me to workContinue reading “Let the Little Children Come to Me”

Thanks and Praise

Thanks and Praise Pentecost 18; Luke 17:11-19 Between Samaria and Galilee – conflicted space – he made that journey to Jerusalem. He set his face to meet the fate the leaders planned for him, death and disgrace. Ten lepers cried, “Have mercy on us, Lord!” (not coming near.) He told them they could go andContinue reading “Thanks and Praise”

Growing Faith

Growing Faith Pentecost 17; Luke 17:1-10 “Increase our faith,” they asked, as though he could hand them more faith like cake upon a plate. Their seed of faith was little understood if they believed great faith would make them great. They wanted power beyond what’s meant to be; he mocked their wish to use theirContinue reading “Growing Faith”

At the Gates or Beyond the Chasm

At the Gates or Beyond the Chasm Pentecost 16; Luke 16:19-31 Are we the rich ones at whose gates the poor now starve for lack of food we well could spare, while here our wasting comes from wanting more, unbridled growth that robs the land and air? Then will our laden tables soon be turned,Continue reading “At the Gates or Beyond the Chasm”

Dishonest Managers

Dishonest Managers Pentecost 15; Luke 16:1-13 He said, “You can’t serve God and wealth,” but greed seduces souls by stealth. There’s some that dominate by maleness, claim entitlement through paleness. Slanderers are seeking votes, and politicians turn their coats. Some bribe, or tout for media fame, or trade on their ancestral name. There’s those whoContinue reading “Dishonest Managers”

Lost Sheep, Lost Coin

Lost Sheep, Lost Coin Pentecost 14; Luke 15:1-10 Sometimes you turn around, when you are lost and know it. Then you begin to find yourself, and are almost ready to allow the compassionate God to find you. Knowing how you have wandered, let your pride go and dare to call out, wanting at last toContinue reading “Lost Sheep, Lost Coin”