Dishonest Managers

Dishonest Managers Pentecost 15; Luke 16:1-13 He said, “You can’t serve God and wealth,” but greed seduces souls by stealth. There’s some that dominate by maleness, claim entitlement through paleness. Slanderers are seeking votes, and politicians turn their coats. Some bribe, or tout for media fame, or trade on their ancestral name. There’s those whoContinue reading “Dishonest Managers”

Lost Sheep, Lost Coin

Lost Sheep, Lost Coin Pentecost 14; Luke 15:1-10 Sometimes you turn around, when you are lost and know it. Then you begin to find yourself, and are almost ready to allow the compassionate God to find you. Knowing how you have wandered, let your pride go and dare to call out, wanting at last toContinue reading “Lost Sheep, Lost Coin”

All Who Exalt Themselves Will Be Humbled

All Who Exalt Themselves Will Be Humbled Pentecost 12; Luke 14:1,7-14 To claim a place of honour, people scheme; ambition may be sourced in selfish dream. Tycoons and politicians lead the race, but what’s the truth behind the public face? Here real humility is seldom seen; the term “low down” is spoken to demean. GoodContinue reading “All Who Exalt Themselves Will Be Humbled”

Jesus, raise us up (lyrics)

Jesus Raise Us Up (lyrics) Luke 13:10-17 1.To a daughter of God’s people, one whose spirit was in bondage, comes the One who sets her upright to become what she can be. Jesus, raise us up when we are the bowed ones and the cowed ones! Raise us, raise us up, and set us byContinue reading “Jesus, raise us up (lyrics)”

Woman Set Free from a Spirit of Bondage

Woman Set Free from a Spirit of Bondage Pentecost 11; Luke 13:10-17 She is not the only afflicted one who is seen by Jesus and called over on the Sabbath in a place of worship to be set free and speak out her praise. They said healing was work, not for Sabbath. Would Jesus beContinue reading “Woman Set Free from a Spirit of Bondage”

Interpreting the Times

Interpreting the Times Pentecost 10; Luke 12:49-59 Now how do we interpret present times? We seldom try to read the Earth and sky. We all have little screens with message chimes, computer games to help the day go by. First Nations walked on Country every day, respecting Nature and the spirit life. Their dances, songsContinue reading “Interpreting the Times”

Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock

Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock Pentecost 9; Luke 12:32-40 Little flocks in our churches are dwindling. Can we hear his words: “Don’t be afraid!”? Is God’s Kingdom in need of rekindling, or is Church a possession we’ve made? If we’re asked what it is that we treasure, is it prayer books and organs andContinue reading “Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock”

Beware Greed

Beware Greed Pentecost 8; Luke 12:13-21 See, are not our nations like the rich man, greedy to possess the earth’s abundance, eager to build bigger and own more than anyone could need, ignoring conscience? White men came, built fences round this country, hounded, killed, abused First Nations’ peoples, trampled on millenia of their story. ForestsContinue reading “Beware Greed”

Stones or Bread

Stones or Bread Pentecost 7; Luke 11:1-13 Who gives their child a stone instead of bread? Who leaves the living land denuded, dead? We give good gifts to nurture family; Earth too is our responsibility. God gives the Holy Spirit, if we ask, to stir our will for each redemptive task. Let’s knock and walkContinue reading “Stones or Bread”