Now the Son in a Splendour

Now the Son in a splendour (lyrics) (suggested for All Saints’ Day, John 11:32-44) Now the Son in a splendour of wholeness has shattered the smallness of our mundane lives. He discards all our bindings and coffins, and calls to our dead and our lost to emerge. So our butterfly souls are unfurling, and heartsContinue reading “Now the Son in a Splendour”

Prayer in a Dark Garden

Prayer in a Dark Garden – Mark 14:32-42, Holy Week There comes a desperate time for those of us who pray when, thrown upon the ground, we share his gut-wrenched cry: “Abba, Father, for you all things are possible: remove this cup from me!” Perhaps it’s not our death or fear of coming pain (notContinue reading “Prayer in a Dark Garden”