Now the Son in a Splendour

Now the Son in a splendour (lyrics)
(suggested for All Saints' Day, John 11:32-44) 
Now the Son in a splendour of wholeness
has shattered the smallness of our mundane lives.
He discards all our bindings and coffins,
and calls to our dead and our lost to emerge.
So our butterfly souls are unfurling,
and hearts now unfolding have wings and can fly,
and our faces reveal our lost dreaming,
and all He transforms has new life in His love.
Now the flames and the tongues are among us,
and ears that can hear now discern their own call.
Now the prayers that we share are ascending,
and hurts that divide are uncovered and healed.
Let our sons and our daughters have vision,
and we who are older reclaim our lost fire.
Let the Spirit of truth do the speaking,
and seekers be drawn to the flame of God’s love.
     Barbara Messner (written for Pentecost 1999 I think)

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