Somewhere Beside the Road

Somewhere Beside the Road (lyrics) Pentecost 3; Luke 9:57-62 1.Somewhere beside the road someone was moved to say: “I want to follow you! Near you, I know the way.” “Birds of the air have nests, and foxes have holes,” he said, “but home among humankind, where can I lay my head?” 2. No room forContinue reading “Somewhere Beside the Road”

Jesus Appears to his Disciples

Jesus Appears to his Disciples Luke 36b-48, Easter 3 They felt a surge of joy to see him there,but they were disbelieving, wondering still.What contradictory creatures humans are!We dare not enter fully into joyfor fear of the relapse, the dismal clunkthat brings us back to earth and dust to dust.We’d rather shrink to temper joyContinue reading “Jesus Appears to his Disciples”

Not to Condemn the World

Lent 4; Numbers 21:4-9; John 3: 14-21 Does God send snakes to kill complaints, or do creation’s laws enact symbolic harm on corporate spite? To foul our nest will make us ill, polluted air will steal our breath, and poison tongue lets venom bite. Yet with that fate comes remedy, for one man prays andContinue reading “Not to Condemn the World”