Not to Condemn the World

Lent 4; Numbers 21:4-9; John 3: 14-21

Does God send snakes to kill complaints,
or do creation’s laws enact
symbolic harm on corporate spite?
To foul our nest will make us ill,
polluted air will steal our breath,
and poison tongue lets venom bite.

Yet with that fate comes remedy,
for one man prays and then obeys.
Perhaps he questions what he heard:
A snake of bronze on which to gaze?
Is that an idol? God forbid!
Yet Moses does what seems absurd.

Perhaps God’s boundless thought delights 
in paradoxes that confound
the limits of our human sight.
Then someone tries a curious cure:
vaccines are made from viruses –
transforming illness sets us right.

Though our addictions try to turn
awareness from great loss or death,
the cross of Christ confronts our eyes.
Can Son of the Immortal One
share mortal fate? Yet through the tomb,
Love gives the world new life’s surprise.

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