Sharing John’s Grief and Doubt

. Sharing John’s Grief and Doubt Advent 3; Matthew 11:2-11 I grieve when I read of John imprisoned and in doubt. John as Baptist prepared the way for one more powerful than himself, one who would take an axe to the fruitless, thresh the grain and burn the chaff with unquenchable fire. Who is John,Continue reading “Sharing John’s Grief and Doubt”

Answering the Doubt of John the Baptist

Answering the Doubt of John the Baptist Advent 3; Matthew 11:2-11 Imprisoned, John sends Jesus word of doubt. “Are you in truth the one who is to come?” Must he with death in sight be left without both call and vision that are his life’s sum? Says Jesus: “Tell John what you see and hear:Continue reading “Answering the Doubt of John the Baptist”

The Mystery of the Ascension

The Mystery of the Ascension Ascension Day: Acts 1:1-11, Luke 24:44-53 There on the mountain top they find him gone – gone up, gone out, drawn in beyond our sight. Some doubt, some worship, hide and wait, move on; some wish to stay forever on the height. Was incarnation nothing but a play? Is GodContinue reading “The Mystery of the Ascension”

Shake off the Dust

Shake off the Dust Pentecost 6, Mark 6:1-13 The locals doubted Jesus could be wise: he grew to manhood right before their eyes, a carpenter whose kin they thought they knew. His gift was hampered, though he healed a few. Belief, it seems, enables Spirit power, and sceptics flourish in this day and hour, pursuingContinue reading “Shake off the Dust”

Jesus Appears to his Disciples

Jesus Appears to his Disciples Luke 36b-48, Easter 3 They felt a surge of joy to see him there,but they were disbelieving, wondering still.What contradictory creatures humans are!We dare not enter fully into joyfor fear of the relapse, the dismal clunkthat brings us back to earth and dust to dust.We’d rather shrink to temper joyContinue reading “Jesus Appears to his Disciples”