The Flight to Egypt

The Flight to Egypt Holy Innocents; Matthew 2:13-23 We keep our dreaming shuttered in our sleep, but Joseph was a man who trusted dreams. They fled into the night. Their loss was deep, but not as great as woe from Herod’s schemes. Behind them, parents wept for children dead. In Egypt, they at least stillContinue reading “The Flight to Egypt”

On Retiring as Associate Priest in an Anglican parish

On Retiring as Associate Priest in an Anglican Parish Time now to fold and put away (well within reach on a central shelf) words I’ve been privileged to say, robes that both stirred and covered self. Tears fall in soft autumnal grief; letting them flow releases me. Tightness unwinds and brings relief; eyes look aroundContinue reading “On Retiring as Associate Priest in an Anglican parish”