Lose and Find

Lose and Find (Song Lyrics to the Welsh tune Ar hyd y nos: All through the night)
Pentecost 16, Proverbs 1:20-33, Mark 8:27-38)
1. Lose the life that makes you smaller,
scrambling for gain.
Find the life that stretches taller,
learning from pain.
Take your cross and pray to bear it:
God will find a way to share it.
Life renews and you will dare it,
rising again.

2. Lose the cramping expectations:
find who you are.
Lose your self-blame desolations:
lower the bar.
There’s no need to climb the ladder;
lonely heights can make you sadder.
Walk a path that’s humbler, gladder -
no spite can mar.

3. Lose your worldly aspiration
judged by success.
Find the source of inspiration
doubt can’t repress.
Wisdom waits when failures shake us –
waits to see if loss will wake us,
offers insights to re-make us
more whole, not less.

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