Altar to an Unknown God

Altar to an Unknown God Easter 6; Acts 17:22-31 Perhaps an altar to an unknown god would not be solid slabs of stone or wood that brute force wrestled from the gaping sod and carved with symbols little understood. Perhaps some legs of driftwood, bare and white, would hold a sheath of woven bark andContinue reading “Altar to an Unknown God”

Many Dwelling Places

Many Dwelling Places Easter 5; John 14:1-14 Creator of diversity, you value all that’s odd and wild; at home in vast infinity, you house creation as your child. Your home has multitudes of rooms with space most generously to spare for different ways to be expressed, and guests to be unique yet share. Your homeContinue reading “Many Dwelling Places”

The Road to Emmaus

The Road to Emmaus (sing to tune Christe Sanctorum, Christ is the world’s light TiS246) Easter 3; Luke 24:13-35 We know that weary way, burdened, walking, talking, thinking returning might relieve our grieving. Though Jesus does come near, eyes are kept from seeing Christ risen, God with us. When someone walks with us, asks toContinue reading “The Road to Emmaus”

With Fear and Great Joy

With Fear and Great Joy Easter Day; Matthew 28:1-10; Colossians 3:1-4 Come in, stranger! Be welcome among us, though I fear you will shrink in discomfort from uncomfortable seats and page turning, and from songs about dying and rising in the old-fashioned words of our hymn book. I fear scorn as I try to imagineContinue reading “With Fear and Great Joy”

The Mystery of the Ascension

The Mystery of the Ascension Ascension Day: Acts 1:1-11, Luke 24:44-53 There on the mountain top they find him gone – gone up, gone out, drawn in beyond our sight. Some doubt, some worship, hide and wait, move on; some wish to stay forever on the height. Was incarnation nothing but a play? Is GodContinue reading “The Mystery of the Ascension”