Palm Sunday 2022

Palm Sunday 2022
Luke 19:28-44
Fickle as then this lusting crowd,
equally hot for crown or cross,
keen to humiliate the proud,
or idolize the gilded dross.
Silent you ride as shouts grow loud,
chanting acclaim while you face loss.

Yet without words the stones cry out,
and without hands the branches wave.
Deaf to such witness, walled in doubt,
we leave you lonely in the grave.
Though you lament, we go without
things that make peace and hopes that save.

Time to call out in glad surprise:
“God’s visitation comes our way!”
Pray for fresh eyes that won’t despise, 
cleansed of display and techno play.
World weary souls might recognize
life can arise from tombs of clay.
	Barbara Messner 4/04/2022

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