Shake off the Dust

Shake off the Dust 
Pentecost 6, Mark 6:1-13
The locals doubted Jesus could be wise:
he grew to manhood right before their eyes,
a carpenter whose kin they thought they knew.
His gift was hampered, though he healed a few.
Belief, it seems, enables Spirit power,
and sceptics flourish in this day and hour,
pursuing facts and leaving wisdom out.
The chance to heal is undermined by doubt.
So those of us who teach the ways of soul
in hopes the world might turn and be made whole
are stripped of what sustains us on the road,
while lack of welcome multiplies our load.
We see so many signs of lack of trust,
it’s hard to leave behind the clogging dust.

3 thoughts on “Shake off the Dust

  1. It’s the dust! My supervisor in my first Clinical Pastoral Education group pointed out the importance of leaving behind the dust for our well-being in pastoral work – not sure I’ve discovered the secret of how to shake it off though. Instead I resort too much to avoidance.


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