The Poet’s Call to Connect

The Poet’s Call to Connect Lent 5; Ezekiel 37:1-14; John 11;1-45 To seek connection is the poet’s art. In metaphor the meaning is revealed to souls responding with a joyous start, with ardent breath and spring of tears that yield an opening into mystery’s large heart. Then stories stir like bones at prophet’s word, connecting,Continue reading “The Poet’s Call to Connect”

Shake off the Dust

Shake off the Dust Pentecost 6, Mark 6:1-13 The locals doubted Jesus could be wise: he grew to manhood right before their eyes, a carpenter whose kin they thought they knew. His gift was hampered, though he healed a few. Belief, it seems, enables Spirit power, and sceptics flourish in this day and hour, pursuingContinue reading “Shake off the Dust”