The Poet’s Call to Connect

The Poet’s Call to Connect Lent 5; Ezekiel 37:1-14; John 11;1-45 To seek connection is the poet’s art. In metaphor the meaning is revealed to souls responding with a joyous start, with ardent breath and spring of tears that yield an opening into mystery’s large heart. Then stories stir like bones at prophet’s word, connecting,Continue reading “The Poet’s Call to Connect”

In the Wilderness

In the Wilderness Lent 1; Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus fasted in the wilderness at the beginning of his ministry. Baptized, commissioned, he was led up by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil – holy and diabolical collaboration? He rejected programs for happiness based on instinctual needs for security, esteem, power – so writes ThomasContinue reading “In the Wilderness”

The Sacrament of Anointing Jesus

The Sacrament of Anointing Jesus Lent 5; John 12: 1-8 In every gospel such a one appears: a woman who anoints his feet or head, prophetic, or contrite with heartfelt tears, or grateful for one risen from the dead. So intimate, extravagant and brave, expressing love in that embodied way: compassion that prepared him forContinue reading “The Sacrament of Anointing Jesus”

The Prodigal Son and the Petty One

The Prodigal Son and the Petty One Lent 4; Luke 15:11-32 Jesus still speaks to our time and our weakness: some of us spending what might have sustained us, others resenting remaining in meekness, stuck in the limits of work that restrained us. Some of us leave seeking fields that seem greener, following whims andContinue reading “The Prodigal Son and the Petty One”

Remedial Gardeners Needed

Remedial Gardeners Needed Lent 3; Luke 13:1-9 The axe may still not fall if gardeners speak out, and work to keep the trees, for Earth desires to bear. Those overwhelmed by flood or robbed of all by fire are not the ones who’ve sinned. Priorities must change. Grandkids will bear the brunt of devastation wroughtContinue reading “Remedial Gardeners Needed”

A Lament over the City

A Lament over the City Lent 2; Luke 13:31-35 It’s the city, colluding with thrones, that still murders the prophets, and stones anyone who is sent here to save. There’s no space for Christ’s mothering care in the jostling of many who glare crying “Crucify! Crucify him!” Though our God has wide sheltering wings, whoContinue reading “A Lament over the City”

Temptations in the Wilderness

Temptations in the Wilderness Lent 1; Luke 4:1-15 I have walked that wilderness, breathed its gritty, brazen air. Seems our culture lodges there! Voices work on our distress, tempting us to be secure – “Wealth can happiness ensure!” Spirit dreams evaporate! Bread is conjured out of stones, our reward as worker drones. “You can masterContinue reading “Temptations in the Wilderness”