In the Wilderness

In the Wilderness Lent 1; Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus fasted in the wilderness at the beginning of his ministry. Baptized, commissioned, he was led up by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil – holy and diabolical collaboration? He rejected programs for happiness based on instinctual needs for security, esteem, power – so writes ThomasContinue reading “In the Wilderness”

Temptations in the Wilderness

Temptations in the Wilderness Lent 1; Luke 4:1-15 I have walked that wilderness, breathed its gritty, brazen air. Seems our culture lodges there! Voices work on our distress, tempting us to be secure – “Wealth can happiness ensure!” Spirit dreams evaporate! Bread is conjured out of stones, our reward as worker drones. “You can masterContinue reading “Temptations in the Wilderness”

Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance Pentecost 7, 2 Samuel 6, 1-5, 12-20, Mark 6:14-29 I have witnessed sacred dancing that has stirred my very being: wordless meaning that’s enhancing prayer inspired by what I’m seeing – spirit stirring, feelings freeing. Yet our mainstream church disdains it, though the censure is unspoken: formal liturgy restrains it into gestures thatContinue reading “Sacred Dance”

Shake off the Dust

Shake off the Dust Pentecost 6, Mark 6:1-13 The locals doubted Jesus could be wise: he grew to manhood right before their eyes, a carpenter whose kin they thought they knew. His gift was hampered, though he healed a few. Belief, it seems, enables Spirit power, and sceptics flourish in this day and hour, pursuingContinue reading “Shake off the Dust”

The Child’s gift to Jesus

The Child’s Gift to Jesus (Palm Sunday, Mark 11:1-11) “Look at the man on the donkey, Mum! Why does he seem so sad? People are shouting and waving palms, trying to make him glad.” “Darkness looms over the way ahead though he’s the king foretold, humble upon a donkey’s back: crowds dream of power andContinue reading “The Child’s gift to Jesus”