The Child’s gift to Jesus

The Child’s Gift to Jesus (Palm Sunday, Mark 11:1-11)

“Look at the man on the donkey, Mum!
Why does he seem so sad?
People are shouting and waving palms,
trying to make him glad.”

“Darkness looms over the way ahead
though he’s the king foretold,
humble upon a donkey’s back:
crowds dream of power and gold.”

“See how the Roman centurion glares
angrily at the crowd.
What would he do to this humble king?
Is such a king allowed?”

“Lonely and hard is his path, I fear:
he dares to question power.
That’s why his eyes are so dark with pain:
he knows the crowds will sour.”

“Mum, can I run up and comfort him,
show him he’s not alone,
give him this bird that I made of wood,
offer this egg-shaped stone?”

“Go then, my son, with your kindly heart:
give what you have to give.
He tried to give the world all he is,
showed us the way to live.”

“Mum, when I gave him the bird he cried:
‘You bring the Spirit, son.’
Holding the egg-shaped stone he said:
‘Death and new life are one!’

Tears filled his eyes but his whole face smiled,
bright as the sun unveiled.
‘Child, you have given me back good news
when it might seem I failed.’” 

2 thoughts on “The Child’s gift to Jesus

  1. Thanks Maren. I am always moved by the Merchant’s Carol where someone sees the impending tragedy in Jesus’ face while everyone around him is celebrating. I wanted someone to understand and bring him comfort!


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