Temptations in the Wilderness

Temptations in the Wilderness
Lent 1; Luke 4:1-15
I have walked that wilderness,
breathed its gritty, brazen air.
Seems our culture lodges there!
Voices work on our distress,
tempting us to be secure –
“Wealth can happiness ensure!”

Spirit dreams evaporate!
Bread is conjured out of stones,
our reward as worker drones.
“You can master petty fate!
Power will help you keep your nerve!
Just don’t question who you serve!”

“Then if you aspire to fame,
risky stunts you can’t refuse.
Time them well to make the news!
Soon you’ll be a household name,
guest star on a TV show.
It’s not what but who you know.”

He who blocked that tempting voice
with God’s word would dare the cross.
While we hide from pain of loss,
his is the transforming choice.
Let us in that wasteland find
Word of God for minds half-blind.
	Barbara Messner 1/03/2022

One thought on “Temptations in the Wilderness

  1. Surely, surely that wasteland seem inhospitable but we find ourselves there. And ouch! “timing them to make the news … ” and also post on instagram.


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