A Lament over the City

A Lament over the City
Lent 2; Luke 13:31-35
It’s the city, colluding with thrones,
that still murders the prophets, and stones
anyone who is sent here to save.

There’s no space for Christ’s mothering care
in the jostling of many who glare
crying “Crucify! Crucify him!”

Though our God has wide sheltering wings,
who is willing to gather and cling
when enticed by our secular powers?

So lament, for our house will be left,
and the planet itself soon bereft.
Christ will weep, still intent on his way.

He’ll find demons and maladies here,
for we feed them and bid them come near.
Will we ever be fit for his cures?

O my Lord, will the time ever come,
when we bless the one bearing your name,
and our hearts will catch fire in your flame?
	Barbara Messner 8/03/2022

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