The Poet’s Call to Connect

The Poet’s Call to Connect
Lent 5; Ezekiel 37:1-14; John 11;1-45
To seek connection is the poet’s art.
In metaphor the meaning is revealed
to souls responding with a joyous start,
with ardent breath and spring of tears that yield
an opening into mystery’s large heart.

Then stories stir like bones at prophet’s word,
connecting, standing up to meet us now,
alive with Spirit breath that word has stirred.
Oh, do not ask for proof of when or how,
but recognize that somehow God is heard.

Can that dead brother, bound and in the tomb,
be likened to the soul of Western world,
awaiting calling out from that closed room?
Let stones be rolled aside and limbs unfurled,
and Spirit breathe new hope in place of doom.

Now women here might wait to greet the One
whose word can heal, and call soul out of death.
Let us, like Martha, recognize God’s Son,
and speak of the Messiah with Spirit breath
that stirs the dead and leaves the grave undone.
	Barbara Messner 22/03/2023

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