The Path from Palms to Cross

The Path from Palms to Cross
Palm Sunday; Matthew 21:1-11; Matthew 26:14-27:66
Short is the path linking palms to cross:
mockery waits for the fall of fame;
hope of gain turns at the threat of loss;
those who would idolize him now blame.

God seems reluctant to do our will;
we need a hero who’ll help us win.
Then if the Chosen won’t fit the bill,
make him a scapegoat to bear our sin.

They think they’re paying us to betray;
we hope to motivate his attack.
When he’s condemned, we throw down our pay;
by then, that silver can’t buy him back.

We might despair at the wrong we’ve done,
seeing him go to the cross and grave,
but he forgives, and we see what’s won
by one who dies that new life might save.
	Barbara Messner 28/03/2023
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