Variations on Pentecost

Variations on Pentecost Day of Pentecost; John 20:19-23, Acts 2:1-21 To some the Spirit comes as breath to breath that wakens us to risen life in Christ. We know him and rejoice, receive his peace. Assured that we are sent as he was sent, we venture forth, commissioned to forgive. Our Pentecost may be aContinue reading “Variations on Pentecost”

The Mystery of the Ascension

The Mystery of the Ascension Ascension Day: Acts 1:1-11, Luke 24:44-53 There on the mountain top they find him gone – gone up, gone out, drawn in beyond our sight. Some doubt, some worship, hide and wait, move on; some wish to stay forever on the height. Was incarnation nothing but a play? Is GodContinue reading “The Mystery of the Ascension”