Somewhere Beside the Road

Somewhere Beside the Road (lyrics) Pentecost 3; Luke 9:57-62 1.Somewhere beside the road someone was moved to say: “I want to follow you! Near you, I know the way.” “Birds of the air have nests, and foxes have holes,” he said, “but home among humankind, where can I lay my head?” 2. No room forContinue reading “Somewhere Beside the Road”


Ceasefire Pentecost 3; Luke 9:51-62 He had no truck with hatred’s tit-for-tat. His face was set towards Jerusalem: Samaritans rejected him for that. The brothers wanted fire called down on them. They’d answer coldness with destructive heat, but he rebuked them, simply went elsewhere, no honour lost, no shame for humble feet. Forget reprisals, hisContinue reading “Ceasefire”

In the Land Opposite Galilee

In the Land Opposite Galilee Pentecost 2; Luke 8: 26-39 He’d break his bonds and flee into the wild – a city man by unclean powers possessed, in lands the Roman legions occupied. The spirits said that “Legion” was their name. When demon-driven pigs fell in the lake, was that a portent of defeat ofContinue reading “In the Land Opposite Galilee”

Experiencing Pentecost in the Present

Experiencing Pentecost in the Present Day of Pentecost; Acts 2:1-21 If someone from outside comes into church, (infrequent in these days, but still we hope), they’ll see us dressed in red for Pentecost. There might be red balloons, or paper doves, or something sung in Spanish, French or Greek. How might the stranger feel theContinue reading “Experiencing Pentecost in the Present”

Don’t Judge on Appearances

Don’t Judge on Appearances Pentecost 25, 1 Samuel 1:4-20, Mark 13:1-11 Though lofty in appearance, temples fall. Our preconceptions dazzle us or blind, and prejudice makes tyrants of us all when how we mock or prize distorts our mind. Poor barren Hannah mouthing silent prayer was judged as drunk when Eli misconstrued. She had toContinue reading “Don’t Judge on Appearances”

Healing the Blind

Healing the Blind Mark 10:46-52, Pentecost 22 Look round and in for signs of loss of sight unrecognized by those left in the dark, maybe because they think they’re always right. Their inner blindness leaves no outer mark. They cannot see how racial hatred harms, or what life might be like for refugees. Their mindsContinue reading “Healing the Blind”

For or Against

For or Against Pentecost 18, Mark 9:38-50 Seems like the ones who were closest to him wanted to claim rights to his name. Keep him exclusive to their chosen few: came to complain, sought to restrain someone unlicensed who heals in his name: not been approved should be removed. Maverick exorcist they wanted stopped! JesusContinue reading “For or Against”

Last of All and Servant of All

Last of All and Servant of All Pentecost 17, Mark 9:30-37 He taught them that the Son of Man would be betrayed by human hand. It seems he might have saved his breath: they could not bear his talk of death; they would not ask or understand. Instead they argued on the way, competing toContinue reading “Last of All and Servant of All”