For or Against

For or Against Pentecost 18, Mark 9:38-50 Seems like the ones who were closest to him wanted to claim rights to his name. Keep him exclusive to their chosen few: came to complain, sought to restrain someone unlicensed who heals in his name: not been approved should be removed. Maverick exorcist they wanted stopped! JesusContinue reading “For or Against”

Last of All and Servant of All

Last of All and Servant of All Pentecost 17, Mark 9:30-37 He taught them that the Son of Man would be betrayed by human hand. It seems he might have saved his breath: they could not bear his talk of death; they would not ask or understand. Instead they argued on the way, competing toContinue reading “Last of All and Servant of All”

From Anxiety to Wisdom

From Anxiety to Wisdom Pentecost 16, Proverbs 1:20-33; Mark 8:27-38 I have heard them describing this time as an Age of Anxiety. It would take a conversion of soul to become Wisdom’s Century. There are plenty alive who display technological mastery. Do you know of some sages revered for insightful integrity? Yet the manifest perilsContinue reading “From Anxiety to Wisdom”

The Syrophoenician Woman

The Syrophoenician Woman Pentecost 15, Mark 7:24-37 Celebrate with me this woman, this bold Syrophoenician woman, facing prejudice and limits, walking out alone in public, daring to accost this stranger who was hiding in seclusion. Those offended sneered and muttered slurs that mocked her race and gender, called her “prostitute”, rejecting such impertinent intrusion. CourtesanContinue reading “The Syrophoenician Woman”

Temples Come Temples Go

Temples Come, Temples Go Pentecost 13, 1 Kings 8:1,6,10-11,22-30,41-43; John 6:56-69 King David imagined a house for the Lord: it would have been visible gift and reward. The prophet came back with God’s word of delay: “Let Solomon take up this dream in his day!” Stone walls lined with cedar encrusted with gold would standContinue reading “Temples Come Temples Go”

Two Sonnets, one new, one old

Two Sonnets – one new, one old Pentecost 12, John 6: 51-58 Flesh to Eat How can this man give us his flesh to eat? Not cannibals, communicants are we! To give his flesh as bread subverts defeat, forgiving our betrayals yet to be. So often he disturbs our literal sense, upsets convention, challenges what’sContinue reading “Two Sonnets, one new, one old”