That Unexpected Hour

That Unexpected Hour Advent 1; Matthew 24:36-44 Eating, drinking, knowing nothing, they were swept away by flood. Noah’s ark they must have laughed at; he saw futures beyond mud. There are warnings! Are we listening? Do we hear what prophets say? “Keep awake!” is still the challenge, lest time’s thief takes all away. Who’ll beContinue reading “That Unexpected Hour”

The Syrophoenician Woman

The Syrophoenician Woman Pentecost 15, Mark 7:24-37 Celebrate with me this woman, this bold Syrophoenician woman, facing prejudice and limits, walking out alone in public, daring to accost this stranger who was hiding in seclusion. Those offended sneered and muttered slurs that mocked her race and gender, called her “prostitute”, rejecting such impertinent intrusion. CourtesanContinue reading “The Syrophoenician Woman”