That Unexpected Hour

That Unexpected Hour
Advent 1; Matthew 24:36-44
Eating, drinking, knowing nothing,
they were swept away by flood.
Noah’s ark they must have laughed at;
he saw futures beyond mud.

There are warnings! Are we listening?
Do we hear what prophets say?
“Keep awake!” is still the challenge,
lest time’s thief takes all away.

Who’ll be left and who’ll be taken
at that unexpected hour?
In this Advent, are we ready
for Christ’s resurrecting power?
	Barbara Messner 22/09/2022

4 thoughts on “That Unexpected Hour

  1. I’ve now completed 3 years of weekly poems on the lectionary cycle (with a few gaps). I had hoped to get the book form of this finished and have it printed before Advent started, but a few diversions happened at my end, and now the local printer is booked up until the new year. Anyway, that gives me a bit of time to review and adjust. When i get the printed version, i’ll send you one, in thanks for all your encouragement.


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