My Song of Songs

My Song of Songs
Pentecost 14, Song of Songs 2:8-13
What if
God who loves is also lover
and I and every living thing
and even rocks and suns
are the Beloved
and longing and belonging is our song.

And what if
Eros and “I AM” are one
and I-Thou runs deep in every atom
and relationship is all there is
and the sacred craving to come into relationship
is the stuff of body and soul
of gravity and magnetism
of one dark woman with one shepherd-king
of I myself with (my god!) My God.

And what if
a community struggling for unity
and a mystic embracing emptiness
and a lover desiring consummation
and an ascetic straining for chastity
and a people wrestling with covenant
and a carpenter facing crucifixion
are truly all united in the one metaphor
show forth their meanings in the one parable:
the Kingdom of Heaven is like this:
the knowing that embraces all
the singing of a song of love
the Song of Songs.

2 thoughts on “My Song of Songs

  1. Thanks. I may not have anything up next week. God and covid willing, I’m flying to Queensland tomorrow to see my ailing 92 year old Mum and other members of the family that I haven’t seen for 2 years. i’m praying that neither Queensland nor South Australia have any covid for a few weeks.


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