For or Against

For or Against
Pentecost 18, Mark 9:38-50
Seems like the ones who were closest to him
wanted to claim
rights to his name.
Keep him exclusive to their chosen few:
came to complain,
sought to restrain
someone unlicensed who heals in his name:
not been approved
should be removed.

Maverick exorcist they wanted stopped!
Jesus said, “No!
Let his work flow!
Power in my name is connected to me,
for not against.
Don’t keep me fenced!
Acts of compassion all represent God,
bringing reward.
No need to hoard!”

“Those who abuse any little one’s trust –
better to be 
thrown in the sea;
better to choose to be maimed, lame or blind:
salt that tastes bland
tossed on the sand.”
Do not attempt to raise walls that divide!
Grace is unchecked,
boxes are wrecked.

Labels are useless and barriers breached.
Jesus the Word
makes himself heard
in every language and through every faith.
Love is the test
God applies best.
Think you know who should be in and who’s out?
All who are for
come through Christ’s door.

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