Word from a Whirlwind

Word from a Whirlwind
God’s Answer to Job (Job 38—41)
Why ask why? My realm’s too wild and wide,
this cosmos too diverse, immense and free
to bend its complex meaning to reward
or punish what a creature strives to be.
Gird up your loins, you mortal! Answer me!
How dare you with your God contend, and plead
your innocence to prove your Maker’s guilt?
Mine is the form and void; mine, steed and weed,
monsters and microbes, star system and lair.
Chaos to cosmos – can you walk that path?
Predator, prey – apportion both their share?
I give and in the time of trial take back.
By Satan’s claim or chance you face the rift.
Confront the whirlwind. Presence is my gift.
	Barbara Messner circa 2000

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