Encountering the Risen Christ

Encountering the Risen Christ
Easter 2; John 20:11-31
Mary’s tears fell in the garden.
Someone said, “Whom are you seeking?”
Mary thought he was the gardener:
deeper truth in that was speaking.
When he called her name, she knew him,
rose, commissioned at his bidding
as apostle to apostles,
though her culture was forbidding.

Jesus came to those in hiding,
breathed on them the new creation,
gift of peace and Holy Spirit,
sent them out in fresh elation.
Absent Thomas, locked in grieving,
spurned their joy and their insisting.
Jesus showed his wounds, said: “Touch them!”
Thomas cried - no more resisting!

So when I am locked in darkness,
cannot recognize you, risen,
come to me and name and call me,
set me free from self-made prison.
Show your wounds and bid me touch them,
so I share the pain of caring.
Breathe in me new life and spirit,
peace that gives me strength for daring.
	Barbara Messner 19/04/2022

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