Experiencing Pentecost in the Present

Experiencing Pentecost in the Present
Day of Pentecost; Acts 2:1-21
If someone from outside comes into church,
(infrequent in these days, but still we hope),
they’ll see us dressed in red for Pentecost.
There might be red balloons, or paper doves,
or something sung in Spanish, French or Greek.
How might the stranger feel the Spirit power?
It is as if a spiral on a page
were shown to represent tornado’s blast.

Can we dare pray to sense a violent wind
disturbing us to move beyond our walls?
What if the Spirit embers, burning low,
sprang up and set our hearts and eyes ablaze,
so we could share with tongues set free by love
how we have walked with Christ, been Spirit led,
have risen from our anguished prayer released,
or felt a wonder lift us beyond self.

Then we would tell in words that resonate
of service to compassion, justice, earth,
of times when we have walked with one in pain,
or someone listened while we searched the dark.
We’d hear of timely insight that transformed
when someone speaks or writes what must be said.
We’d share our sense of calling, or of awe,
and hear how lives were healed and land restored.

I wonder then if someone from outside
might sense the Spirit moving in our midst,
experience the truth of what we live
as we share wisdom and our honest search.
I wonder if we’d be inspired to change,
embracing difference, listening for its truth.
The Word of God might speak in us afresh,
and Christ be recognized in who we are.
	Barbara Messner 30/05/2022

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