In the Land Opposite Galilee

In the Land Opposite Galilee
Pentecost 2; Luke 8: 26-39
He’d break his bonds and flee into the wild –
a city man by unclean powers possessed,
in lands the Roman legions occupied.
The spirits said that “Legion” was their name.
When demon-driven pigs fell in the lake,
was that a portent of defeat of arms?
If we could exorcize the power of guns,
would fewer people die when violence harms?

Should faith be exiled from affairs of state,
or is it side-lined by our arrogance?
The games that rival politicians play
are tuned to profit, privilege and pride –
dominions Jesus died to set aside.
Can we speak out to sweep our unclean rooms,
and exorcize the madness of our day
that leaves us chained and naked among tombs?

Some say the Spirit transformed Roman rape
to birth upon the earth the Son of God.
Empire and temple certainly conspired
to nail upon the cross the Son of Man,
but soldiers guarding could not keep the stone
upon a tomb now empty to the light.
When Saul set out to use self-righteous force,
he found himself upended, without sight.

The people who had owned the herd of pigs
told Jesus to depart and let them be.
He sent the man who now was clothed and sane
to tell the truth of how he was set free.
The power to speak and hear at Pentecost
was felt by those who came from many lands.
Do we share eloquence to name and cleanse?
Can Wisdom’s words inspire restoring hands?
	Barbara Messner 17/06/2022

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