Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation

Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation
The longest night has passed. I can expect
light sooner as each stretch of dark goes by.
I creep from isolation to the deck,
watch foam-white clouds ride currents in the sky.
Seen through the carded white, the blue’s immense;
my walls await but here let spirit stretch,
and face without a mask become less tense.
My thoughts play gently with the words they fetch.
Constraint impairs what has been my release:
to let myself expand in quiet space,
less pressured from outside, less taut within.
Here sight of sun and sky bring healing grace,
and words bring promise from beyond the walls
that though I now feel stuck, potential calls.
	Barbara Messner 27/06/2022

2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation

  1. Beautiful. I am always in awe of your rhyme (mine always sounds like a girl-camper’s song) and also the reminder that you are in winter solstice takes me out of my more personal focus. I am moving (after 29 years in one place) next month. (O, the books) Thank you.


  2. I hope the move proves very positive for you, despite the grief of leaving a place where you have been settled for so long. I always think I should cut down on books, but never manage it! At least moving means some clearing of the decks, and a stirring sense of new beginnings!


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