Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation

Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation The longest night has passed. I can expect light sooner as each stretch of dark goes by. I creep from isolation to the deck, watch foam-white clouds ride currents in the sky. Seen through the carded white, the blue’s immense; my walls await but here let spirit stretch, and faceContinue reading “Winter Solstice in Covid Isolation”

Waking Up in Winter

Waking Up in Winter Well cocooned in winter blankets I cling on to skirts of sleeping, while uneasy dreams are shredded, gone before I grasp at meaning. Let me stay a little, hidden in this cozy muffled stillness, pulling up a layered muting over morning sounds and greyness. I admit that I’m delaying facing coldContinue reading “Waking Up in Winter”