Lost Sheep, Lost Coin

Lost Sheep, Lost Coin
Pentecost 14; Luke 15:1-10
Sometimes you turn around,
when you are lost and know it.
Then you begin to find yourself,
and are almost ready to allow
the compassionate God to find you.
Knowing how you have wandered,
let your pride go and dare to call out,
wanting at last to be heard.
Go to stand on a high, bare place
where you hope to be seen and to see.

Sometimes, despite your value,
you are dropped through a hole and roll
out of reach to a dark, dusty corner.
It takes shifting of rugs and tables
and vigorous sweeping and weeping
to dislodge you from that crack
and out into the searcher’s light.
Then there will be rejoicing.

Can it be true that God prefers
to search for the fallen and lost
than to keep the complacent ones
in their stagnant security?
If God cares to search like that shepherd,
or the woman with broom and lamp,
then rejoice, for all is not lost
in our wandering, blundering world.
	Barbara Messner 7/09/2022

4 thoughts on “Lost Sheep, Lost Coin

  1. Amen. Surely God lets the laundry still hang when it starts to rain and leaves food in the oven to burn while searching for that coin. Even visualizing that seems to make “found” a little closer.


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