Song for New Creating (lyrics)

Song for New Creating (lyrics)
Pentecost 23: Isaiah 65:17-25
“I am about to create
new heavens and new earth:
be glad and rejoice in that creating.
The holy city is joy,
its people a delight.
Rejoice! You can share in this remaking.

Let no distress nor the sound
of weeping there be heard,
for people shall live into fulfilling.
So gladly build, gladly plant,
find blessing in the fruit:
abundance is spilling for the willing.

The hungry wolf and the lamb
together safely feed,
and lions eat grasses like the oxen.
No-one shall hurt nor destroy,
for all is sacred here:
the earth shall become my holy mountain.

The new creation has space
where many feel at home,
and grace for diversity of telling.
The first-born Son welcomes you;
he comes to show the way
to live so new earth becomes indwelling.”
     Barbara Messner November 2019

Click to access song-for-new-creating-piano.pdf

3 thoughts on “Song for New Creating (lyrics)

  1. I have music I wrote, which I think is a catchy tune, but I need to adapt it for piano – it was written for a string trio on Finale PrintMusic. I’ll try to do the adaptation and post it tomorrow – I didn’t have time today. I doubt an existing tune would fit – the rhythmic pattern is a bit strange.


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