Song for Epiphany

Song for Epiphany
Matthew 2:1-12 (written to fit the Irish traditional tune Columcille, as arranged by John Bell, Iona Community, for his song No wind at the window, Together in Song 287)
What star can I follow
to kneel in that place?
How far will I journey?
What doubts dare erase?
And if I can find him
what vision might glow?
What fulfilment? What belonging?
To be known and to know?

Though traps of the powerful
might lure me astray,
the star at my heart’s core
will show me the way.
My arrival is joyful,
my homage sincere.
Are there gifts for me to offer?
I have little, I fear.

But giving that little,
I find there is more:
all learnt from the past now
becomes a fresh store.
What I thought was failure
is now a resource.
There is nothing that is wasted
when renewed at the source.

Returning, I follow
a dream-guided way,
and see the familiar
become a new day.
Though far I have travelled,
I know he is near,
and my gifts and search for wisdom
will in him become clear.
	Barbara Messner 5/01/2022

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