Who Can Hear

Who Can Hear Advent 2; Matthew 3:1-12 Hear John the Baptist’s words shout from the page: abuse of privilege stirs sacred rage. Our wilderness of concrete is as bare as desert dunes in desiccated air. Brave voices still cry out: “Prepare the way!” I see no crowds admitting that they stray and plunging deep inContinue reading “Who Can Hear”

Stones or Bread

Stones or Bread Pentecost 7; Luke 11:1-13 Who gives their child a stone instead of bread? Who leaves the living land denuded, dead? We give good gifts to nurture family; Earth too is our responsibility. God gives the Holy Spirit, if we ask, to stir our will for each redemptive task. Let’s knock and walkContinue reading “Stones or Bread”

Remedial Gardeners Needed

Remedial Gardeners Needed Lent 3; Luke 13:1-9 The axe may still not fall if gardeners speak out, and work to keep the trees, for Earth desires to bear. Those overwhelmed by flood or robbed of all by fire are not the ones who’ve sinned. Priorities must change. Grandkids will bear the brunt of devastation wroughtContinue reading “Remedial Gardeners Needed”

The Churches of St. Moses, St. Elijah and St. Jesus on the Mountain

The Churches of St. Moses, St. Elijah and St. Jesus on the Mountain Last Sunday after Epiphany – Transfiguration; Luke 9:28-43 It is upon the mountaintop that light transfigures features that we thought we knew, and we are dazzled seeing what’s beyond as past and future balance on that peak, and in that moment GodContinue reading “The Churches of St. Moses, St. Elijah and St. Jesus on the Mountain”

On Hearing the Word of the Lord

God seemed more vocal in my younger days – more tangible, embodied and defined. A sense of presence came in clearer ways – it seemed that words were given, underlined. The vision in my mind I knew as gift, the words so wryly apt I felt God formed, or gave the book that readied meContinue reading “On Hearing the Word of the Lord”