Stones or Bread

Stones or Bread
Pentecost 7; Luke 11:1-13
Who gives their child a stone instead of bread?
Who leaves the living land denuded, dead?
We give good gifts to nurture family;
Earth too is our responsibility.
God gives the Holy Spirit, if we ask,
to stir our will for each redemptive task.
Let’s knock and walk on through each opening door,
and ask for gifts to nurture and restore.
We will be given what we need to give,
and searching finds us better ways to live,
for those with vision can discern the way
that leads through darkness to the break of day.
Seek wisdom from the elders who love Earth,
and find the humble mid-wives guiding birth.
	Barbara Messner 1907/2022

2 thoughts on “Stones or Bread

  1. Wonderful and perfect for me in the Northern hemisphere where we are feeling this year particularly the devastations of climate change. So poignant are the last two lines.


  2. Re the elders and mid-wives, I’m reading a book on the gifts of Australian indigenous spirituality to us all, The Dreaming Path, by Paul Callaghan with Uncle Paul Gordon. Along with revealing teaching stories, it has exercises that help us connect to Mother Earth and our place, to each other and ourselves, to love and gratitude and purpose.


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