Martha Revisited

Martha Revisited
Pentecost 6; Luke 10:38-42
Her resentfulness soon surfaced
when once more she’s left alone
with a meal to be provided.
She must make the task her own
since no helping hands are offered.
She drags out a hefty pot;
they’ll have needs and expectations,
whether verbalized or not.

They have gathered in the courtyard
to receive the teacher’s word.
She has seen her sister out there –
her own longing goes unheard.
What if she might sit and listen,
sitting rapt at Jesus’ feet?
Then their bellies would be empty 
when the teaching was complete.

When her friend appears, she’s hurting,
and she hears herself complain:
“Send my sister in to help me!”
(though there’s only points to gain,
for the food is now assembled).
Jesus sees the mood she brings.
“Martha! Martha! you’re distracted!
You take on too many things!

You are caught between your longing
and the role you’re taught to bear.
If you hadn’t catered for us,
do you think that I would care?
If it was your way of loving,
might you do it and be glad?
Now you bow to what’s expected,
then you’re seething and you’re sad.

Mary’s absence stirred your anger
since she claimed what you desire.
Come and sit, be present with me,
seek the source of sacred fire.
Find the Wisdom Woman in you,
speak the insights that ring true.
I’ll support your bid for freedom,
help you find yourself anew."
	Barbara Messner 12/07/2022

2 thoughts on “Martha Revisited

  1. Thanks Maren. I hope your packing and moving are going well, not too exhausting and disturbing. No doubt it’s a very Martha time, not much chance to sit and contemplate! Thanks for taking the time to respond to the poem!


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