The Lawyer’s Test

The Lawyer’s Test
Pentecost 5; Luke 10:25-28
A lawyer came to test this man, but found
his plan exposed, the test turned round.
He’d thought to strip away a fake’s disguise,
but truth shone clear in Jesus’ eyes.
The lawyer claimed eternal life was sought,
but what he found could not be taught.

When Jesus asked, “What’s written in the law?
What do you read?” he thought he saw
that he was being asked what he found true,
not to recite some words he knew.
He started there, but felt his spirit led
beyond the well-known verse he said.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all …”
His glibness stumbled. Would it fall?
“with all your heart and soul and strength and mind.”
Had “mind” been added to remind
his trained intent to search for something more,
a hidden truth still to explore?

A fragment from Leviticus nineteen
emerged, demanding to be seen:
“You shall love your neighbour as yourself”
fell neatly from his inner shelf.
A sudden understanding shaped his soul:
“Love God and neighbour” makes life whole.
	Barbara Messner 5/07/2022

3 thoughts on “The Lawyer’s Test

  1. Barbara I just stumbled on your blog – and what a delight it has been!! An absolute gift! Thank you and I am hoping for more!


  2. Thanks Heather. Glad you found it and may it continue to be “a delight” and “a gift”. That makes me happy!! I aim to post at least one poem a week, usually on the Sunday gospel, so there will be more, God willing!


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