Beware Greed

Beware Greed
Pentecost 8; Luke 12:13-21
See, are not our nations like the rich man,
greedy to possess the earth’s abundance,
eager to build bigger and own more than
anyone could need, ignoring conscience?

White men came, built fences round this country,
hounded, killed, abused First Nations’ peoples,
trampled on millenia of their story.
Forests fell for skyscrapers and steeples.

Mining has invaded sacred places.
Stripped of bush, the ploughed land is denuded.
Human life, once honouring Earth’s graces,
risked extinction since our greed intruded.

Eating more and drinking, making merry,
came to be our substitute for sharing.
Fools, we’ll see the Earth rise up and bury
wealth that’s godless, profit without caring.
	Barbara Messner 27/07/2022

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