Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock

Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock
Pentecost 9; Luke 12:32-40
Little flocks in our churches are dwindling.
Can we hear his words: “Don’t be afraid!”?
Is God’s Kingdom in need of rekindling,
or is Church a possession we’ve made?

If we’re asked what it is that we treasure,
is it prayer books and organs and stone,
or is meeting together our pleasure,
sharing caring and bread, not alone?

Are we waiting to hear Jesus knocking?
Do we find him already inside?
Are there spaces still needing unlocking?
Are we open, or hoarding our pride?

When we sing to God’s praise, are our voices
full of joy that the Kingdom is near?
Is the Spirit the guide to our choices?
In our love is Christ’s presence made clear?

Unexpected, he comes. Are we ready?
Will we know him stripped bare and made poor?
Can we step out to join him, unsteady
in our fear of the wind far from shore?

Can we reach for his hand and be lifted?
Do the waves of our chaos subside?
Can we wait in his peace, and be gifted
with the strength to move on at his side?
	Barbara Messner 3/08/2022

2 thoughts on “Do Not Be Afraid, Little Flock

  1. Beautiful poem and so true to our situation. O — and I used the “Beware Greed” poem in my sermon last Sunday and it struck a clear note with so many people!


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