Interpreting the Times

Interpreting the Times Pentecost 10; Luke 12:49-59 Now how do we interpret present times? We seldom try to read the Earth and sky. We all have little screens with message chimes, computer games to help the day go by. First Nations walked on Country every day, respecting Nature and the spirit life. Their dances, songsContinue reading “Interpreting the Times”

Beware Greed

Beware Greed Pentecost 8; Luke 12:13-21 See, are not our nations like the rich man, greedy to possess the earth’s abundance, eager to build bigger and own more than anyone could need, ignoring conscience? White men came, built fences round this country, hounded, killed, abused First Nations’ peoples, trampled on millenia of their story. ForestsContinue reading “Beware Greed”

Prepare the Way of the Lord

Prepare the Way of the Lord Advent 2: Luke 3:1-6, Malachi 3:1-14, Luke 1: 68-79 (Song of Zechariah) There are voices who cry out within our wilderness for the sake of Earth and desperate refugees, for the dispossessed First Nations still without redress and the women with no voice to frame their pleas. Like theContinue reading “Prepare the Way of the Lord”