Remedial Gardeners Needed

Remedial Gardeners Needed
Lent 3; Luke 13:1-9
The axe may still not fall
if gardeners speak out,
and work to keep the trees,
for Earth desires to bear.

Those overwhelmed by flood
or robbed of all by fire
are not the ones who’ve sinned.
Priorities must change.

Grandkids will bear the brunt
of devastation wrought
by governments who fail
to heed the need to act.

I wonder if the tree
of our society
can blossom yet and fruit,
if tended soulfully.

For Spirit drives the flames
or stormy winds of change.
We thirst for deeper springs
than shallow roots can find.

Sometimes when floods recede
the wildflowers shoot and flower.
Axe hewn or half burnt stumps
send out strong roots and leaves.

For resurrected life
stands waiting in the wings
for stones to roll away,
and vision to emerge.
	Barbara Messner 16/03/2022

2 thoughts on “Remedial Gardeners Needed

  1. No, I haven’t tried to get my poems published anywhere, but now I’m retired I will try to explore the possibility. I didn’t know of Eureka, but have just googled Eureka Street Magazine, which I gather publishes some poetry and has some interesting articles on religion, and faith and justice. I’ll get to know it more. Thanks for the suggestion.


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