The Question of Call

The Question of Call
Epiphany 3; Matthew 4:12-25
This inner urge, this outer nudge called “call”
is hard to quantify or demonstrate,
and having once said “yes”, that’s far from all.
At times I do resist or remonstrate,
pressed out and cut like pasta on a board,
or wound around with tangled skeins of thread
supposed to mark the way to this heart’s hoard
within the labyrinth of paths my feet might tread.
“Just call, I’ll follow,” I naively said,
but he sets out on ways obscure and dark,
and sometimes I am blundering with dread,
not trusting in his words to find their mark.
It’s hard to leave your nets upon the shore,
let go of all the goals you had before.
	Barbara Messner written? altered 26/11/2022

2 thoughts on “The Question of Call

  1. Originally written when I was exploring whether being a CPE supervisor was part of my calling. it was for a rich time and then it wasn’t, as institutional obsession with accountability started to take over from freedom to respond to the spirit in the groups.


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