Out of the Blue

1. Lord, yes, I know the call goes on
past these arrivals and beyond
all that I know of who I am:
I shall keep striving to respond.
Here I am claimed,
wrestled and named.
Dark turns to light;
grant me the sight.

2. Nothing as simple as one “yes”
answers the urging that I hear.
Nevertheless I celebrate 
all the assents despite the fear.
How I am wooed,
tracked and pursued.
Losing I find
me in your mind.

3. Here I have come to be your priest:
here is my future for your own.
Holding your life within my hands,
let me embrace the grace I’m shown.
Here I am heard,
speaking your word, 
lifted above
self in your love.
	Barbara Messner 2000

Click to access out-of-the-blue.pdf

2 thoughts on “Out of the Blue

  1. Writing this song was part of my discovery of call. I wrote it and sang it for an associate’s ordination hence the attempt at a blues tune. However, having written it, tears of longing revealed my identification with what i had written.


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